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Michael C. Yager

Dr. Michael C. Yager, Ph.D., P.A.-C is a Physician's Assistant with 30 years of experience, 26 years he had worked in orthopedics and has been practicing in pain management for 4 years. His doctoral degree is doctor of philosophy in excersise physiology.

His outside experiences include 4 years in professional rodeo circuit as a bull rider.

He is a lifetime member of the PBR and he rode in 3 rodeo circuits in those years as a rodeo performer. He has vast experience in athletics and sports medicine having been a professional soccer player for 3 years prior to his becoming a Physician's Assistant.

He currently owns a farm in Longmont, CO where he and his family raise apples and Percheron draft horses. Dr. Yager has published several articles on orthopedic, musculoskeletal and bone pathologies.